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Together we build and implement Facebook Advertising campaigns to increase your bottom line and build trust with your customers.

Facebook is massive. It is the biggest source for online display advertising in the world. In fact, more advertising views are generated by Facebook than its next three largest competitors combined. Facebook currently has more than 1 billion users, and the average user spends 7 hours every month on the social network.

This means that with Facebook you can find your ideal target audience and get your offer in front of the eyes that matter. It also means that you can use Facebook traffic to increase your sales volume by an enormous amount. Finally, it means that if you don’t use Facebook effectively, you will fall behind your competition that is using it effectively.

Daily Reporting
We provide you with customized daily reports, so you will always know how much revenue you are generating through your Facebook advertising.

Facebook Retargeting
We will retarget visitors to your site posting ads that can’t be missed, directly into their news feeds; they’ll appear right along with latest updates from their friends.

Split-Test Your Advertisements
Headlines, descriptions, images. We create multiple versions of each to find an ideal combination for every prospect.

Advanced Targeting
We can target your ideal audience down to the individual. We have the option to import your email list and target your contacts there. We also use a ‘lookalike’ audience targeting to expand the size of your list.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising
Costs just 1% of TV advertising and reaches the same number of individuals.

Audiences can be “super-targeted” by advertising; according to gender, age, location, interests, relationship status, etc.

Ads can be directly targeted ads to users who are already on your email list or who have visited your website.

News Feed ads don’t look like regular ads. In fact, most people don’t even notice the difference between an ad and a post.

Word-of-mouth effect: Users can see their friends’ “Likes” so they are much more inclined to “Like” it also.

Easily grow your number of “Likes” for your Facebook business page by targeting users who meet your demographic. Gain more exposure for the posts on your page. (Without advertising, as few as 3% of all Facebook page posts are seen by fans.)

Most Common Uses for Facebook Advertising:
To send traffic directly from Facebook to your website

To send traffic to an event signup page or email newsletter signup page

To get more exposure for your Facebook posts

To solicit more “likes” for your Facebook business page

When you hire us as your Facebook Advertising Agency, we will recommend the best ways for you to use Facebook ads to meet your specific business goal.
Lead Generation
Millions of businesses, big and small, use Facebook’s apps and services to connect with real people on any device.
TOP 5 Reasons to Advertise on Facebook
Reason #1. Facebook Advertising is Highly Effective
According to an eMarketer study, 96% of social media marketers consider Facebook the most effective social media advertising platform.
In the past years, social media advertising has grown into a highly popular marketing channel. That’s because it’s one of the most effective paid advertising channels, helping to get new leads and turn them into paying customers.

Facebook Ads work both for B2C and B2B companies, and there are so many success stories that show more than 5x increases in marketing results after advertising on Facebook.

If you think it’s too late to jump on the Facebook advertising wagon, don’t worry. There’s a continuous growth both in terms of new Facebook users and advertising opportunities.

Social media advertising budgets have doubled worldwide over the past 2 years—going from $16 billion U.S. in 2014 to $31 billion in 2016.

In 2017, analysts predicted a 26.3% global increase in spending for social media ads.

As reported by TechCrunch, Facebook’s daily active users’ number rose 18% to 1.23 billion people in 2016.
Reason #2. Simple Set-Up Process and Fast Results
You don’t need to be a Fortune500 company or acquire funding to advertise on Facebook. In fact, a couple hundred dollars can get you pretty far already.
The best thing about Facebook ads is that you can get started without a large effort, and see the first results when spending as few as $10. In fact, you can even drive people to your landing page at the cost of $0.10 – $0.30 per click, depending on the ad placement.

Perhaps that’s why 65 million businesses are using Facebook Pages, and there are over 5 million business profiles on Instagram. If they can do it, so can you!

When compared to Google AdWords, managing Facebook ads is a significantly easier process. Moreover, you don’t need to spend as much time learning about Facebook ads before you’re able to set up your first campaign.

After you’ve worked through this guide, you’ll know enough to set up your first successful Facebook ad campaign.
Reason #3. You Can Reach Your Perfect Audience
As of January 2017, more than one billion people see an advert through the Audience Network every month.
Add to the equation the people viewing their Facebook newsfeeds and Instagram accounts, and you’ll grasp the extent of target audiences available via Facebook advertising.

Out of Facebook’s 1.6 billion monthly users, the average person spends 50 minutes daily on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. That’s more than on any other social media network. With Facebook ads, you’ll have the opportunity to reach every single one of them.

Facebook target audiences are highly customizable, making it possible to target people based on their interest, demographics, location, actions on your website, engagement in your app, and much more.

This makes Facebook the best advertising network to create granular target audiences with a high ROI.
Reason # 4. Facebook Ad Campaigns Are Highly Customizables
With Facebook constantly adding new ad placements, including video ads and instant article ads, there are countless opportunities for creating good-looking ad formats.
Here’s one example of a regular Facebook Newsfeed ad:
In addition to your Facebook ad design and copy, you can also customize every element of your Facebook ad campaign, including:

-Campaign objective
-Target audience
-Delivery optimization

These options make Facebook the most customizable advertising network, allowing you to create the exact ad campaigns you have in mind.
Reason # 5. Facebook Is Adding New Features Every Month
In 2017 alone, Facebook has added so many new features it’s hard to keep the count: Messenger Day, Instagram Stories, Live Video updates, improved ad reporting…
Along with all these Facebook updates, advertisers have an increasing number of tools and tactics to reach their target audience.

Who would have thought that video ads can be so easy to set up that anyone can do it?

This far, we’ve noticed Facebook making six monthly product updates on average, which means that there will be more than 70 new and improved features every year. No other advertising network can keep up with this!
The faster you learn to advertise on Facebook, the sooner you’ll unlock the full potential of social media advertising.

The best way to start learning about Facebook ads as a beginner is to set up your Facebook Business Manager account and create your first ad campaign. If you would like to schedule a phone appointment with Jeff to get help with your facebook ad. Click Here!

Custom Ad Creation

 Working Directly With You, Our Script Writers Will Custom Create Graphics And Messaging.

You Can Also Provide Pictures, Videos And Some Basic Messaging 
And We Take Care Of The Rest.

We Create Many Variations Of The Ads Across Each Platform To Optimize The Results
Key Audience Creation

We Identify Your Ideal Customers As They Post Their Needs And Wants On Social Media And Then Display Timely Advertisements To Them Giving You The Best Chance At Gaining Their Business. 

By Monitoring Social Media Ads In Real Time, We Are Able To Continuously Optimize The Ads To Target New Business. Cross Platform Optimization Allows Us To Assess When Client Ads Are Most Effective.
No Knowledge Required

Never Run Social Media Ads Before? Don't Worry, We
Take Care Of It All For You.
Optimization & Retargeting

Our Systems Only Gets Better With Age, Which Means Your Advertising Budget Goes Further And Performs Better 
As Time Goes On!
Our Systems Work 24/7, 365, To Improve Your Campaign. The Platform Features A/B Testing, Predictive Budget Allocation, Day Parting And Much More.
Landing Page Creation

Don't Have A Website Or A Great Converting Page? No Problem. 
Get A Simple, High Converting Landing Page To Capture More Sales, Enquiries And Phone Calls.

Not Only Do We Create The Ideal Ads, But We Will Arm You With All The Tools Needed To Turn A Visitor Into A Customer/Follower!
Simple Reporting

We Show You What Matters. The Stats You Need To Know, In A Format You Can Understand. No More Mumbo Jumbo!

See Which Ads Are Performing Best, And Gain Valuable Insights Into Your Audience.

Full Analytics

Fine! If You Really Want, You Can Dig Deep To See What's Under The Hood And Track The Metrics Important To You - Organized And Intuitive. 

Watch As Our Process Improves Your Campaign And Helps You Increase Your ROI!

ENGAGE Curates Trending Content That's Relevant To Your Business. We Share The Content To Your Facebook Business Page Followers Which Can Improve Engagement And Lead To New Customers And Followers. An Active Facebook Business Page Adds Credibility To Your Business And Shows Prospective Customers That You Are On Top Of The Latest News And Trends In Your Industry. 

Spend Time Doing What You Do Best While ENGAGE Improves Your Social Presence.
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Law Firms 
Home Remodeling  
Auto Dealerships 
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